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Our Vision

Sustainability - Our nature-based solutions provide an alternative to traditional chemical methods for water treatment. We believe in being good stewards of our natural resources so nature will continue to provide us with an abundance of health and enjoyment.

Education - Seminars, visual media, PSAs, and scientific literature will all play a crucial role in demonstrating the efficacy of biologically filtered water. Bathers should have complete information in their swimming experience with NSPs.

Our Values

Communication - Whether it is scientific data, regulatory updates, or newsletters addressed to the public, we recognize the need for transparency and accountability in sharing information among our members.

The ASPNSP serves to inform the public through scientific research, educational opportunities and outreach. In doing so,  we highlight the benefits of natural swimming pools by leading regulatory change in the United States. 

We work closely with regulatory agencies to help shape guidelines and public knowledge regarding public natural swimming pools. We want to demonstrate NSPs as a nature-based solution to environmental challenges

We see a future where natural swimming pools support environmental stewardship for the current and future generations of both residential and commercial swimming pool owners. 

ASPNSP is the official United States member of the International Organization for Natural Bathing Waters (IOB)

Collaboration - Promoting shared knowledge and interaction among members and working with other entities is essential to our goal in demonstrating NSPs as a healthful, recreational environment throughout the United States.

Our Mission