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We have 4 categories of membership:

​Professional, Associate, Student and Commercial.

Professional - A Professional Member is a person actively involved in the NSP industry as a designer, builder, maintenance professional or consultant. A Professional Membership is the only category of membership that carries full voting rights in the organization. Please click here to become a member. 

Associate - An Associate Member is a person or organization with an interest in NSPs such as a homeowner, health department, educator or advocacy organization. Please click here to become a member.

Student - A Student Member must provide proof of student status and is eligible to have postings on a Job Board. Please click here to become a member.

Commercial - A Commercial Member is a commercial or public entity (e.g., regulatory), product manufacturer, service provider or trade group. Please click here to become a member.




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The Association for Swimming Ponds and Natural Swimming Pools -  ASPNSP - is incorporated as a non-profit association to protect human health and safety in swimming ponds and natural swimming pools (collectively called NSPs).

ASPNSP is the industry resource for education, for homeowners to exchange ideas and to gain information, and for the education and certification of designers and builders.

The ASPNSP fosters regulatory compliance in the design, permitting and constructing of NSPs and provides a conduit for public communication and advocacy.


 ASPNSP  attended the International Organization for natural Bathing water (IOB) Congress in Cologne, Germany from October 27-30, 2015.

The IOB Congress was held in conjunction with the bi-annual AQUANALE Swimming Pool Trade Show, which is a major trade show for the European pool industry held every two years at the  Cologne Exhibition Hall.

ASPNSP members were able to attend educational seminars and breakout sessions at the IOB Congress, as well as attend the traditional, chemical pool trade show. 

ASPNSP's alliance with the IOB is an important and beneficial result of your membership in the ASPNSP and will pay dividends by increasing your knowledge of NSP design, construction and maintenance principles.