The Association for Swimming Ponds and Natural Swimming Pools (ASPNSP) is incorporated as a non-profit association to protect human health and safety in Swimming Ponds and Natural Swimming Pools, collectively referred to as NSPs.

ASPNSP is the official United States Member of the International Organization for Natural Bathing Waters (IOB).

ASPNSP is the industry resource for education, for homeowners to exchange ideas and to gain information, and for the education and certification of designers and builders and ASPNSP believes strongly in Nature Based Solutions for contemporary problems.

ASPNSP fosters regulatory compliance in the design, permitting, and construction of NSPs and provides a conduit for public communication and advocacy.

"​​My wife and I are very excited to be installing a bio filter pool.  I strongly encourage homeowners to look into this type of pool,  as you will be creating a beautiful, low maintenance, chemical free body of water,  keeping the water pure and sensual- besides being kind to your health and your local environment."   ~ ​Phil Lesh, The Grateful Dead

ASPNSP has four categories of membership:

Professional - A Professional Member is a person actively involved in the NSP industry as a designer, builder, maintenance professional or consultant. A Professional Membership is the only category of membership that carries full voting rights in the organization.

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Associate - An Associate Member is a person or organization with an interest in NSPs such as a landscape architect, homeowner, health department, educator, or advocacy organization.

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Student - A Student Member  must provide proof of full time academic status and is eligible to have postings on a Job Board.

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Commercial - A Commercial Member is a commercial or public entity (e.g., regulatory agency), product manufacturer, distributor, service provider, or trade group.

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IOB Newsletter

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Are you missing landscape design opportunities due to your lack of knowledge about Natural Swimming Pools?

​Natural Swimming Pools are poised for significant growth in the United States, and it is evident that Landscape Industry Professionals are in the best position to capture this growing portion of the recreational swimming pool market. Read this article to learn more about NSPs and the growing importance of environmental sustainability and green building practices in the pool and landscape industry.

IOB Congress September 9-10
The 10th International Congress of the IOB took

place on September 9-10, 2019 at
​Arche Hotel Krakowska in Warsaw, Poland.

The 11th International Congress will take place in September of 2021 in Portugal - stay tuned for details.

​United States residents must be registered members of ASPNSP in order to attend the IOB International Congress. Please click here to become a member.

ASPNSP Accepted as USA Member of IOB

As of September, 2016, ASPNSP has been accepted as the official USA Member of the International Organization for Natural Bathing Water (IOB) which is based out of Bremen, Germany. The IOB is the world's umbrella organization of swimming pond and natural swimming pool experts with representatives from 24 countries united to form the international federation.

ASPNSP's alliance with the IOB is an important and beneficial result of your membership in the ASPNSP and will pay dividends by increasing your knowledge of NSP design, construction, and maintenance principles.

Connect with other professionals and network with people interested in and working on swimming ponds and natural swimming pools.

The IOB Board of Directors consists of:

  • Stefan Meier, Spain

  • Michael Messner, Germany
    Vice President

  • James Robyn, USA
    Second Vice President

  • Anja Börm-Wappler, Germany

  • Dirk Esser, France

  • Jan Sarusiek, Poland

  • Dirc Walter, Germany

  • Peter Lauwers, Belgium