New Seminar from One of our Integral ASPNSP members - Atlantic-OASE


Presented by Frayne McAtee, Atlantic-OASE

9:30 AM-10:30 AM March 3, 2023

Recreational ponds are becoming more popular and can vary greatly with the pond’s aesthetics and the degree of filtration required. This seminar walks you through what needs to be addressed during the design process. Learn about products designed for recreational ponds and the training available to you.

2023 Water Garden Expo
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What makes a pool a Natural Swimming pool? Check our Common Essentials for NSPs Guide.

The 12th International Swimming Pond Congress will take place on the 27th and 28th of September 2023 in Mechelen, Belgium. We will be staying at the Van der Valk hotel, a modern and luxurious 4-star business hotel, equipped with  lecture rooms. ASPNSP attendees will participate in workshops and learn from International colleagues as they lecture on a variety of natural swimming topics, and have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty and culture that Mechelen has to offer."


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12th biennial IOB Conference, in Mechelen, Belgium

“My wife and I are very excited to be installing a bio filter pool. I strongly encourage homeowners to look into this type of pool, as you will be creating a beautiful, low-maintenance, chemical-free body of water, keeping the water pure and sensual–besides being kind to your health and local environment.” Phil Lesh, The Grateful Dead

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Are you missing landscape design opportunities due to your lack of knowledge about Natural Swimming Pools?

​Natural swimming pools (NSPs) are poised for significant growth in North America, and it is evident that landscape industry professionals are in the best position to capture this growing portion of the recreational swimming pool market. Read our whitepaper to learn more about NSPs and the growing importance of environmental sustainability and green building practices in the pool and landscape industry.

Read The IOB Congress wrap-up for September 9-10

It was another great turnout for 2019 with many countries representing the NSP industry around the world. Read our short wrap-up here!

ASPNSP Accepted as North American Member of IOB

As of September, 2016, ASPNSP has been accepted as the official USA Member of the International Organization for Natural Bathing Water (IOB) which is based out of Bremen, Germany. The IOB is the umbrella organization of swimming pond and natural swimming pool experts with representatives from 24 countries united to form the international organization.

The ASPNSP's alliance with the IOB is essential for international collaboration. Members in the ASPNSP benefit from a shared knowledge base for NSP civic implementation, design, and construction.

Connect with other professionals around the world who are involved with swimming ponds and natural swimming pools!

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Natural Swimming Pool webinars

One of our integral ASPNSP members, BioNova Natural Pools, is offering 4 Natural Swimming Pool webinars in January and February.  These webinars will provide the latest information on biological filter systems, and profile several of our latest NSP projects.  
The content presented is appropriate for those simply wanting to learn more about NSPs, planning a future project, converting an existing swimming pool to an NSP, or adding NSPs to your existing business.  
Attending one of these webinars is easy.  Simply click on the link on the  date and time you want to attend. No registration... just show up.

January 7th, 2023 @ 2p EST
January 21st, 2023 @ 2p EST
February 4th, 2023 @ 2p EST
February 18th, 2023 @ 2p EST

4 Membership Tiers:

Professional - A Professional Member is a person actively involved in the NSP industry as a designer, builder, maintenance professional or consultant. This is the only membership that carries full voting rights in the organization.

Associate - An Associate Member is a person or organization with an interest in NSPs such as a landscape architect, homeowner, health department, educator, or advocacy organization.

Student - A Student Member  must provide proof of active academic status for membership. Student members are eligible to view postings on ASPNSP's job board.

Commercial - A Commercial Member is a commercial entity, product manufacturer, distributor, service provider, or trade group. This membership will allow the ASPNSP non-profit banner to be featured on a commercial member's website.